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About Us
  Falcon Bicycles was setup in 1987 as a sister company of Briter Chemicals Pvt Ltd. Since the earlier operations of Briter Chemicals were confined to nickel electroplating (chemical treatment of metallic surfaces to achieve nickel plating) of bicycle parts. The objective of the company, at the time, was to provide a platform where Briter chemicals could test its new electroplating products and sell it to other bicycle manufacturers. The company could be termed as a limited attempt towards forward integration by Briter chemicals Pvt. Ltd.

Later Briter Chemicals saw an opportunity to setup a complete bicycle manufacturing unit and in 1990 Briter Engineering Co. Pvt Ltd started producing fully assembled bicycles under Falcon Brand. By 1992 the company had developed the full line of bicycles ranging from Roadster Bicycle to fancy bicycles like MTB and BMX in all the marketable sizes, designs and colours. Although the company faced a stiff competition from leading brands but the company managed to differentiate itself from its competitors through cost effectiveness, quality, durability, innovation and versatility.


Key Achievements

  • The company has developed and successfully launched Multi Shock 22 speed Bicycles.
  • The company has invested in the development of machinery and equipment to improve productivity.
  • State of the art technology has been developed for electroplating and painting. It normally follows Japanese quality standards. Brightness of chrome plated parts remains in its original condition for several years.
  • Paint shop is equipped with latest automatic non stop baking oven.
  • Bicycles are thoroughly tested in field and the data obtained is used for future improvements.
  • Currently the company employees more than 500 personal including about 100 managerial staff, technical experts and a powerful quality control team. We have acquired premises of 200 Canals at Kahna Nao for further expansion of business.
To meet the shifting needs of its customers who are continuously looking for latest innovations and designs, the Bicycle Division of Briter Engineering Co. Pvt Ltd has shifted its energies towards imports of Bicycles

This major shift has allowed the organisation to keep up to date models and designs of the bicycles. The number of Skus has been increased to meet the needs of customers .Our organisation has a large Collection of Innovative, Attractive, multi purpose Bicycles.

The quality team ensures that imported bicycles meet are quality standards and regularly visits its suppliers in China. Our experience in bicycle industry enables us to maintain a high standard in quality.

Our customer includes big international Wholesale chains in Pakistan such as Metro Cash & Carry Pakistan and Macro Pakistan.